Revolutionizing Rural Agriculture Trade Ecosystem for Africa Farmers

Rural distribution of agriculture, inputs, services, and information is informal, poor and inefficient trapping farming families
in cycle of poor farm productivity and poverty. While there are many innovations and technologies around agriculture inputs and
services they remain poorly accessible to rural farmers who need them most.

Shamba Pride solves the supply chain between input manufactures, agri- retailers and farmers through online to offline commerce platform. This removes the need for many intermediaries, significantly lowering the cost of farming to farmers while solving
decade long price exploitation, quality and information access challenges. Shamba Pride has over 35,000 registered farmers and
1500 agri-retailers Through creating a reliable and efficient ecosystem in this $1triilion industry in Sub-Sahara Africa, Shamba
Pride will revolutionize rural agriculture trade


We Use Technology

DigiShop technology platform helps solve inputs, advisory and key agriculture services access challenges that have limited success of smallholder farmers for decades

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Shamba Pride Purpose

Shamba Pride key purpose is to economically and socially empower and elevate farming communities at the grassroots level throughout Africa

Our values

Constant Innovation: We never settle. We keep seeking for answers and solutions to problems that we are passionate about, with the goal of empowering the worlds’ small holder farmers.

Consistency: We believe in consistency in every detail and action. This is what makes us pursue excellency in innovation at every point of our Journey.

Quality: we always champion for quality access to services among our farming communities and stakeholders

Focus:  Strategic focus on farmer income and productivity impact

Honest: we always belief in honesty and straightforward relationship

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We are Creating Impact