DigiShop Franchisees

A franchise is a commercial relationship between the owner of the business name (DigiShop) and an individual or group seeking the rights to use that identification in a business. It can simply be described as the practice of using another person’s successful business model to run your own under a similar name or brand after being granted the rights to do so by the parent company or the owner of that brand. Shamba Pride has trademarked agrodealers and cooperatives joining this network of smart businesses DIGISHOP

Key benefits that you will enjoy by being a DigiShop

Digishop Technology-Leverage on unique technology to support your store record keeping, inventory management and farmer education

Access to high quality products and services – DigiShops will have access to a wide range of quality assured and affordable inputs from reputable suppliers

Marketing Support – Shamba Pride will offer marketing support to each DigiShop in their area of operation through initiating digital and non-digital marketing campaigns This will ensure that each DigiShop is well known to the customers, therefore building the brand image at the ground level

Access to regular business management training and Continuous professional development – Digishops will all have access to regular business training opportunities in order to assist them improve their business management skills and hence boost profitability

Access to new innovative products and services – Shamba Pride seeks to introduce a wide variety of innovative products and services that will be exclusively available to DigiShops thereby giving them a competitive edge in better service delivery to their customers