How many people will benefit from the franchise business?
Farmers Pride will build a franchise business supporting franchisees and shop staff and improving millions of households across Africa.
How do you select franchisees?
Franchisees are selected through a process of open recruitment. An advertisement is placed in the national press and online job sites. Applicants have to complete a comprehensive application form which is reviewed by Farmers Pride senior staff. Interviews are held with shortlisted candidates to assess their genuine interest to work with smallholder farmers and offer on-farm extension services to a wide range of farmers. Franchises have to demonstrate that they are motivated to serve their community. Both existing business and start-ups are considered.
What support do franchisees get?
Franchisees get a package of support including: access to quality products at competitive prices; business planning and on-going management training; access to finance; branding and marketing support; technical training; access to new products and services as well as new business opportunities.
Why use donor money to start a business?
Farmers Pride is operating in remote and challenging locations such as the Eastern Kenya which are not currently served by the private sector. In order to support the costs of serving the needs of marginalized communities in a sustainable manner, without the need for long term donor assistance, Farmers Pride needs to make money and operate as a business to support these activities. Farmers Pride aims to meet the long term needs of smallholder farmers at the Base of Pyramid and will become financially sustainable by meeting the needs of all kinds of customers from the whole pyramid.