Our benefit to Agro-dealers

There are a wide range of benefits to agro-dealers joining DigiShop network

Access to DigiShop Technology: We leverage on technology to reinforce our impact to smallholder farmers and agrodealers so that they can run successful farming ventures because we belief traditional delivery of agriculture solutions is not sustainable and fast collapsing. We call this unique technology DigiShop. To access the platform farmers and service providers register through dialing *483*199# or Downloading DigiShop app

Access to high productivity quality products and services

DigiShops have access to a wide range of high productivity quality assured and affordable inputs from reputable suppliers.

Marketing Support

Shamba Pride offers marketing support to each DigiShop in their area of operation through initiating digital and non-digital marketing campaigns. This ensures that each DigiShop is well known to the customers, therefore having massive impact on store traffic and profitability

Capacity and image building

Digishops have access to regular business training opportunities in order to empower them improve their business management skills and hence boost profitability. In addition, professional development through a team of experts in various fields is at hand to ensure that DigiShops have access to the latest best practice techniques to improve on their diagnostic and advisory services to the farmers

Access to new innovative products and services

Shamba Pride continuously introduces a wide variety of innovative products and services that are exclusively available to DigiShops thereby giving them a competitive edge in better service delivery to their customers.

Recognized and trusted national and global brand

Shamba Pride is rolling out countrywide and global network. Shamba Pride spares no effort in its marketing activities to ensure that it builds a successful brand that is recognized nationwide and internationally, which is committed to delivery of the highest possible quality and trusted services to farmers.