About Us

Shamba Pride is Revolutionizing Rural Agriculture Commerce Ecosystem for Africa Farmers

Shamba Pride helps farmers access high-quality farm inputs, financing, insurance and extension through online to offline platform that provides tools and technology to agri-retailers to upskill them to provide quality agricultural products, finance, insurance and extension to their farmers. Our positioning is different in that we improve existing value chains, rather than replacing them.

Shamba Pride employs a market systems approach to connect village-level farmers to quality inputs, finance, insurance and extension through women and youth-owned DigiShops powered by technology. Through Shamba Pride, last-mile agro dealers and cooperative entrepreneurs are able to digitize their operations and provide smallholder farmers with right and affordable technology, quality products and services thus, creating a community of micro-entrepreneurs serving the smallholder farmer community

We leverage on technology to reinforce our impact to smallholder farmers and agrodealers because we belief traditional delivery of agriculture solutions is not sustainable and fast collapsing. We call this unique technology DigiShop. To access the platform farmers and service providers can register through dialing *483*199# or Downloading DigiShop app

Target Population

Shamba Pride targets smallholder farmers and agro dealer shops. Shamba Pride typical customer is a mixed farming family. They farm multiple crops throughout the year and keep some animals. They depend on a variety of inputs and services across different seasons to support their diversity of farming activities. These Farmers and agro dealers are empowered through Shamba Pride ecosystem to become more prosperous and happy.